Justice for Robert Kennedy!

rfkThis website is dedicated to securing justice in the case involving the murder of Robert F Kennedy. The brother of former president John F Kennedy, attorney general of the United States (under JFK), and later United States Senator from the State of New York, RFK was on the the verge of winning the Presidency of the United States when he was assassinated in Los Angeles on the night of June 5th 1968. With his death, the hopes and dreams of countless citizens of America and the world were shattered and we lost a true champion dedicated to peace and human rights for all.

Meanwhile, Sirhan Bishara Sirhan, a Palestinian Christian was falsely convicted of the assassination. Approaching 70 years old today, Sirhan has spent the last 46 years behind bars, currently incarcerated at R. Donovan State Prison in outside of San Diego, California, despite the fact that there exists overwhelming evidence that he was indeed framed for a crime he did not commit.

Despite this, one searches in vain for news items or credible reports regarding the actual circumstances surrounding the murder of the presumptive next President of the United States, amounting to a virtual amnesia in the public mind regarding the death of RFK, friend and associate of Martin Luther King Jr., also murdered just a few months earlier.

And it’s not only the public mind: For what is even more deeply ironic is that the purported assassin of RFK doesn’t remember the crime for which he was convicted: “I was told by my attorney … that I shot and killed Senator Robert F. Kennedy and that to deny this would be completely futile … (but) I had and continue to have no memory of the shooting of Senator Kennedy.”

Sirhan stated this, which is presented as part of “Exhibit J: Declaration of Sirhan Sirhan,” one of a number of exhibits, declarations and briefs recently submitted to a California court that in a defining way, with new information presented by William Pepper and his defense team, in part based on recent unlocking of Sirhan’s memory, to show that Sirhan was set up and framed for the murder of Senator Kennedy. The evidence indicates that Sirhan was a manipulated and coerced patsy in the assassination of a popular leader who like his brother John, assassinated in 1963, was perceived as a threat to the structures of power in America.

In November of 2011, Attorneys Dr. William Pepper and his co-counsel, Laurie Dusek, filed a 58 page supplementary brief with Andrew J. Wistrich, United States Magistrate Judge, United States District Court, Central District of California, “requesting relief” in behalf of Sirhan. In the brief, they stated that, “petitioner requests that this court set this matter down for an evidentiary hearing and issue a writ of habeas corpus.” They are seeking a new and thorough review of all the evidence in the case, including new and expository testimony that threatens to topple the official story. Also in November of 2011, were filed various exhibits, such as exhibit I, Delclaration of Dr. Daniel Brown, Harvard expert in hypnosis, filed November 20, 2011. The Federal Magistrate deliberated almost a year, during which period, the Court changed judges, with the case being taken over by Judge Beverly Reid O’Connell in the U.S. Federal Court, Central District of California,

Documented Proof of Substitution of Critical Evidence

On September 27, 2013, William Pepper and team intensified their argument, filing an additional court petition in Federal Court in the Central District of California setting forth proof of a “fraud on the court” involving the documented substitution of critical evidence in prior court proceedings. According to Pepper, “they put fabricated evidence into court before the judge and jury … (thus) for the first time in 43 years of this case, we think we have the evidence to set this conviction aside.”

Judge O’Connell of the Federal Court in the Central District of California Sitting on the petition

For over a year, an excessively lengthy time, Judge Beverly Reid O’Connell in the U.S. Federal Court, Central District of California, has sat on Pepper’s petition regarding the substitution of critical evidence in the Sirhan case, thereby not allowing further court hearings on this historic drive to reopen the RFK assassination.

Given that the extensive testimony and exhibits, (see attached exhibits) set forth a convincing case for Sirhan’s innocence, it will be hard if not impossible for the district court judge not to grant such a hearing. But we know better don’t we! That is why this website exists: to inform you, the American people, that at this moment, as you read this, in a courthouse in the Central District of California sits on evidence which tends towards proving the innocence of Sirhan Bishara Sirhan, uncovering the means by which RFK was murdered and who was involved.

Dear reader— we cannot and must not rest until justice in the case of the murder of Robert F Kennedy is served and the real “perpe-traitors” of this crime are exposed and punished! It is time for the truth and the paroling of Sirhan (whose been eligible for such since the 1980s). Most of all, it’s time secure justice in regards to his murder and to reclaim the vision of the slain Senator.

Please read the exhibits set forth here, pass this website on to your friends and associates and support the campaign for Justice for Robert F Kennedy and Sirhan Bishara Sirhan!